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Lagen Heirweg 9
9270 Laarne
Belgium (East Flanders)
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+32 9 230 37 51
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Star Stables Kattenheye stud for sports horses is located in peaceful and green surroundings. The ideal place where broodmares, foals and young horses can enjoy life to the full. The broodmares originate from the world's renowned and proven bloodlines, and the stallions, too, have top-quality genes. Thus they sire real champion horses - purebred Belgian jumping horses. Ideal feed, lots of space and life in a herd brings forth healthy foals. From their earliest days, they develop excellent social behaviour to ensure that they become quickly accustomed to the routine of shows and auctions. Are you looking for a promising foal, a young sports horse or a good broodmare? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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