Souvereyns - Forestry - Diepenbeek

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Katteweidelaan 43
3590 Diepenbeek
Belgium (Limburg)
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+32 11 32 28 19
+32 11 33 11 65
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Souvereyns in Diepenbeek - the specialist in wooden pallets!Souvereyns comprehensively meets pallet requirements for its major clients. The client can rest assured that deliveries can always take place and that the quality will be perfect. If required, we can respond to your needs within a few hours. We, and our permanent transporter, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Naturally we can create pallets for you according to your own specific specifications. If you do not yet know how your pallet should look exactly, or if you wish to switch from the pallets that you have used up until now, Marc Vanhoudt can professionally support you with this: 25 years of experience, own technical know-how, and if required the assistance of The Belgian Packaging Institute.


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