My WHTC - Saint-Gilles

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Rue Defacqz, 73/19
1060 Saint-Gilles
Belgium (Brussels)
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+32 479 75 32 81
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My WHTC - My World Hair Transplant Centre Natural – Beautiful and Perfect   We are glad to inform you of the newest and greatest possibilities in the field of hair transplant. We will consult with you on modern and progressive hair transplant techniques such as: the standard STRIP method called FUT, the follicular unit extraction method called FUE (also FIT), or the Body Hair Transplant method called BHT. Through our partnership with leading Surgeons in the field of hair grafting such as Dr Patrick Mamba, we promise to treat all your hair loss needs.     Our work is based on the most progressive hair transplant techniques. Our philosophy is based on your awareness of being at home in good hands, while actually being in a clinic that specializes in professional cosmetic and plastic surgery with the best trained staff in the field.


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